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About Us


3 years ago, our dream of owning a small business and working together as a family came true. At first, we never knew how far we would come as a small shop making shoes and never could have imagined the amazing community we would meet in the small shop world. Gwendolyn and myself (Kelsie) started this company but we now have our mother creating our loungewear and clothing items and our wonderful sister Lisa added her all natural skin care products to our shop and helps design shoes.

We started making shoes as a way to have a creative outlet as a stay at home mom and to provide shoes that actually fit and didn't hinder natural development. What first started as a Hobbie started to explode in a way we never expected. Within 1 year we were doing wholesale for over 50 stores across the USA. At this point we took the time to really think about what we wanted to be and represent as a small shop and our mission.

We scaled back in wholesale and really started to work on our retail side and connect with the small shop community and moms just like us. We connected with doctors and podiatrists to learn why soft sole shoes were so important and educate not only our customers, but our community.

We work with several local chiropractors and other health professionals and shops to promote healthy footwear and natural products that are best for both growing children and adults!

We can't wait to see what the next few years bring

We love to work with our customers to make the perfect pair of shoes so feel free to email us any requests or questions you may have! Check out our current stock and start shopping today!