ADD-ON Sherpa lining

Product Details

Add a soft cozy layer of Sherpa on the inside of the shoes to get an additional warm layer and keep your little ones feet warm all season

** If you're adding this option,  we suggest sizing up in shoe sizes,  as this makes them fit more snug ***

This ONLY works for the following styles

Leather boots (fringe, wrap around, lace up)

Classic Moccs (fringe,  loafer, basic,  and bow moccs)


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Handcrafted with Genuine Leather
Our soft-soled shoes encourage natural development of the feet, balance, and posture!
Natural Development

The wiggling and kicking your baby does with his feet helps him strengthen the muscles needed for walking. Soft-soled shoes give your baby the space and flexibility to ensure proper muscle tone.


Tight, hard-soled shoes limit the amount of movement in your child's feet, and can cause interruptions in development. Our shoes also allow your baby to naturally grip the floor as they walk by spreading their toes, which further improves their balance and posture!

Pediatrician Recommended

“When walking outside or on rough surfaces, babies’ feet should be protected in lightweight, flexible footwear made of natural materials.” American Association of Pediatrics