the story of gwendols

The Best Shoes for Babies Learning to Walk

Gwendols mission has always been to make shoes that stay on babies’ feet and promote the natural development of walking, balance, and posture, while also providing the perfect mix of style and function! 

The wiggling and kicking your baby does with his feet helps him strengthen the muscles needed for walking. Soft-soled shoes give your baby the space and flexibility to ensure proper muscle tone. Tight, hard-soled shoes limit the amount of movement in your child's feet, and can cause interruptions in development. Our shoes also allow your baby to naturally grip the floor as they walk by spreading their toes, which further improves their balance and posture!

How Searching for Soft-Soled Boots Became Gwendols

When Gwendolyn’s daughter began to learn to walk, she searched everywhere for soft-soled boots and leather baby shoes with no luck. She was unable to find what she was looking for, so she set out on her own to create the best leather boots for toddlers! As her friends and family saw how beneficial these boots were for children, they began to want a pair for their own. By 2015 she was gifting and selling them on a small scale. 

In 2017, Gwendolyn and her sister Kelsie joined forces and Gwendols was born! What started as a creative outlet for two stay at home moms quickly grew into the shop you see today. As our shop has grown throughout the years, we’ve had to bring on more help, including our mother who sews loungewear and other clothing items, and our sister Lisa who creates natural skin care products and assists in design. 

What Baby Shoes Do Doctors Recommend for Learning to Walk?

“When walking outside or on rough surfaces, babies’ feet should be protected in lightweight, flexible footwear made of natural materials.” American Association of Pediatrics

As Gwendols worked to perfect the design of our leather baby shoes, we also connected with doctors and podiatrists to learn why soft-soled shoes were so important for the development of children’s feet. We took that education and spread it throughout our communities, so that parents and care-givers all over know the importance of shoes that help babies learn to walk naturally. We work closely with several local chiropractors and other health professionals and shops to promote healthy footwear and natural products that are best for both growing children and adults!

The Future of Gwendols

When Gwendols first began, we never could have imagined the amazing community we would find. We went from a small hobby to reaching the dream of being a full blown family business! 

Within one year of starting Gwendols, we began doing wholesale for over 50 stores across the United States. While we loved knowing that our shoes were being sold everywhere, we also recognized that we have a passion for the small business community and connecting personally with our customers. 

Being able to see the joy and excitement when we handcraft the perfect pair of leather baby shoes from our family to yours is what Gwendols is all about! We are so excited to see what the future brings for Gwendols and the community that we’ve grown!

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